The Core Drill Block is a new innovative product for the core drilling industry, designed to improve the accuracy and safety of core drilling of all diameters.

Constructed from the most durable and hard-wearing materials, the Core Drill Block is designed to guide the core drill for an accurate pinpoint position, thus eliminating the need to use expensive drill frames or the more hazardous method of placing the core drill between your feet.


Use a 16mm S.D.S plus concrete drill bit to drill the anchor stud hole.

Make sure to have drilled deep enough to accomodate the anchor stud.

Clear out any residue dust from the hole.

Insert the 16mm M12 anchor stud using a soft hammer.

Once the anchor is flush, punch the centre of the anchor using a 6-8mm punch to secure it in the hole.

Place the Core Drill Block over the anchor stud and screw down the M12 bolt.

Tighten the bolt firmly enough so as to secure the Block to the surface.

Place the Core Drill over the Block in stationary mode (do not run the drill while placing or removing the core drill)

Once over the block proceed to drill at least 15mm to 25mm deep into your surface.

Remove the Core Drill from the block once the Drill is in stationary mode.

Remove the Core Drill Block and proceed to complete drill you required hole through.

If needed you can use the secure bolt to assist in removing the core.